Untitled, 11"x14", Acrylic on Canvas, $200.00(CAD)

Why Paint?

Why paint these days? I can hardly keep up with crazy new digital experiments, large scale outdoor art, not to mention the prevalence of conceptual art that blankets the landscape of what is the postmodern mess we call the art world. And yet, all old is new again. There is something so "not digital" about paint. It's full of imperfections and glorious analog flaws. Perhaps that's it. Or perhaps it's the freedom we have at the beginning of this century to paint anything we want. I think that it's that freedom that keeps me painting even when I think nothing is happening on the canvas. Do you paint or draw? If so why?

Summer Sun

Summer Sun. 7"x14", Acrylic on Canvas. $200.00(CAD)

Angry Bird

Angry Bird. 18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas. $350.00(CAD)


Calamity. 16"x20", Acrylic on Canvas. $275.00(CAD)

Dawn Light

Dawn Light. 12"x12"x2". Acrylic on Canvas. $225.00(CAD)

Spring Notes

Spring Notes. 12"x12"x2". Acrylic on Canvas. $225.00(CAD)